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Overview of the nqms process

We are excited to support you through the process that revolves around the online, interactive NQMS tool and is available to all Illinois youth mentoring programs.


1 | Get Started

→ Register Your Program: The NQMS is built in to the Mentoring Connector. If your program is not listed in the Mentoring Connector, you will need to register your program in order to have access to the NQMS tool. After submitting the form, MENTOR Illinois will approve your listing and can grant your organization access to the tool.

→ Request NQMS Access: Once you are registered in the Mentoring Connector, contact MENTOR IL to briefly discuss the NQMS process and receive NQMS access.

→ Apply for FREE National Mentoring Resource Center NQMS assistance: Receive no-cost assistance to mentoring programs participating in the NQMS process. **Please note: this request must be specified for NQMS. This request will NOT affect any other requests your organization may wish to pursue in the future for additional technical assistance through the NMRC.**

Complete Initial Needs Assessment: Once MENTOR IL is assigned as the NMRC assistance provider for your NQMS request, your program will receive an email inviting you to complete the Initial Needs Assessment. MENTOR Illinois will draft an MOU once we receive the Initial Needs Assessment. **Please note: this MOU must be signed by all parties in order for access to the NQMS to be granted.**

2 | Assess Your Program

→ Start the Self-Assessment: Once a signed MOU is in place, NQMS access will be granted to programs. The NQMS is comprised of 92 items that are organized into three sections: program design and management, operations, and evaluation. Each item uses the same rating scale to determine whether the item is in practice and an assessment of the quality of the implementation.

→ Provide Documentation: Occasionally, you will be asked to provide descriptive information, such as your program mission, or to upload a supporting document that corresponds to a specific item, such as your mentor recruitment plan.

→ Ask Questions, Get Support: When you have a question, use the NQMS tools menu to access FAQs and extensive resources. These resources are indexed by NQMS section and include general information, guidelines, examples and templates to help programs understand and meet each quality standard.

→ Submit the Assessment: Ensure all questions are filled out completely and all documents are attached. The NQMS does not need to be completed in one sitting. If you decide to take a break from the NQMS, just be sure to save your work!

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3 | Review & Plan for Improvements

→ Meet with MENTOR IL Staff: During the onsite review, our staff will go over your NQMS results with you and help you develop a 12-month Improvement & Innovation Plan.

→ Plan Approval & Partner Status: When the review is complete, program leadership will be asked to sign a Statement of Accuracy, and once we receive this your program will become one of the MENTOR Illinois Silver or Gold Star Program Partners, granting your program access to exclusive benefits. You will also receive access to a specialized report based on your assessment to help you view and analyze your results more easily and can share them with stakeholders (if you so choose).

→ Complete NQMS-NMRC Evaluation: Once MENTOR Illinois has completed a final report about the NQMS assistance provided to your program, you will receive an email requesting you to complete an evaluation of our services. **Please note, your program cannot receive further technical assistance from the NMRC until evaluations are filled out from previous requests.**

4 | Implement Improvements

→ Receive Personalized Support: After your review meeting, MENTOR Illinois will continue to stay in touch throughout the year to support your program as it moves forward and continues efforts to improve program quality on a timeline that works for you.

→ Use Resources: we offer many workshops, custom training, and free webinars that may help you as you implement your Improvement & Innovation Plan. Also make sure to subscribe to our monthly e-Newsletters and check out the Resources section of the website, both of which are free.

Apply for National Mentoring Resource Center Technical Assistance: Once you’ve completed the evaluation from your NQMS assistance request, you will be eligible to apply for a new no-cost technical assistance request to work on your Improvement & Innovation Plan through the NMRC.


Ready to Start?

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