Find a mentor

Are you a parent, guardian, teacher, or caring adult to a young person who you feel could benefit from a mentor? Or are you a young person who wants to connect with a mentor?


Mentors are supportive individuals who build relationships with young people by offering them guidance, support, and encouragement to help cultivate positive and healthy development. Mentors are not meant to replace parents, guardians, teachers, or to play the role of disciplinarians or decision makers. Rather, they become part of a team of caring adults to support a young person. Mentors can help encourage positive choices, promote high self-esteem, support academic achievement and introduce new ideas. Here are some things a mentor might help a young person with:

→ Setting academic and/or career goals and taking steps to achieve them

→ Making healthy choices in everyday life: nutrition, exercise, social activities, and beyond

→ Thinking through a problem at home or school