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In real life, who do you turn to?

9 million kids in America are growing up without an answer to this question. Your gift can help ensure every young person has someone to turn to.


MENTOR Illinois is the unifying voice for the youth mentoring movement throughout Illinois. Research shows that young people who have a mentor are much more likely to participate in after-school activities, be leaders in clubs and teams, volunteer and go on to college. But one out of every three young people will grow up without a mentor. MENTOR Illinois provides a range of resources and tools to help expand the number of matches supported through quality mentoring programs in communities across the country.

Your investment in MENTOR Illinois will have a lasting impact on more than just one young person, it will have a ripple effect that reaches hundreds of thousands of kids and their mentors each year. Thank you, in advance, for giving the gift of mentoring - because no young person should have to walk the road alone.

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